• Infrastructure Bootcamp
    Skill-Based Training for Aspiring Engineers and Land Surveyors 


The Problem: America’s Infrastructure Needs Help

Across the region, critical entry level infrastructure jobs -- many that do not require a college degree -- are going unfilled, slowing progress and limiting the economic opportunity for both individuals and the region. At the same time, young people across the region are looking for opportunities that pay a living wage, and looking for a way to support their families.

The Solution: Offering Training to American Youth

In order to alleviate this issue, Rodriguez University, a division of Rodriguez, has partnered with Hopeworks and PowerCorpsPHL to design and implement a program developed to highlight careers in civil engineering and land surveying that do not require a college degree. Currently, Rodriguez University offers “Introduction to Infrastructure”, an 18-week series of immersive and interactive learning experiences designed to introduce basic but vital concepts in infrastructure to ignite student’s interest in the built world around us and to equip them with the skills needed to enter the job market. 

Our Mission:

Rodriguez U cultivates skills and knowledge, instills ethics, and fosters community resilience, aligning individual desires with fulfilling infrastructure careers.

How Do We Work?

Small Cohorts:

The program consists of a small group of participants who have recently graduated high school and have gained prior experience through Hopeworks or PowerCorpsPHL. Each week, new topics are introduced to the class that relate to careers as an engineering technician, surveyor, and other associated entry level jobs. While these topics are being introduced, students are gradually working on an actual Rodriguez project similar to one they would typically work on in an engineering or land surveying firm.

What Do We Do ​At Rodriguez University?

Industry Experts:

To keep the classes relevant and interesting, Rodriguez University features unique speakers in the industry and takes students on field trips to active construction sites in order to illustrate the broad range of opportunities. By the end of the program, students have gained knowledge in engineering scale, utility plan interpretation, field data collection, stormwater pipe design, GIS, and various other skills in preparation for obtaining an internship or permanent position.

Focus on human development for successful job placement

Dynamic syllabus structure and interactive practical exercises

Opportunity to learn in the office and in the field

Expert mentors who are active industry professionals

Practical exposure to actual work

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